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Philips brought light to Eindhoven
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Largest football stadium in the Netherlands
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Best Things To Do In Eindhoven

Prepare to be inspired by creativity, innovation and design

There’s an intense passion for innovation and design that is deeply woven into society in Eindhoven. As a result, you can taste it in the vast and exciting food scene, and feel it in the thought-provoking art exhibitions that channel emotion through creativity. There’s a tangible representation of it in the galleries, shops and showrooms around the city. In summary, there’s an all encompassing creative energy in Eindhoven that draws you in and keeps you searching for more.

bicycle leaning against a red brick wall, with a black mini cooper parked beside it on a street in Eindhoven
Colourful street art in Eindhoven city centre
man in white t-shirt and black shorts walks up a set of blue metal stairs in the courtyard of an apartment block

History Of Eindhoven

A short history of the City of Light

Eindhoven has a rich history that relates closely to the development and success of the international technology company, Philips. Founded in Eindhoven in 1891, Philips & Co quickly became the driving force for innovative technology. The company’s production of advanced technology began with lightbulbs, bringing light to the world and shining a spotlight on the city. As the company grew and expanded overseas, Eindhoven long remained the headquarters for the Philips company, and has since retained the aptly awarded name ‘City of Light’. Philips & Co were responsible for developing many of the socio-economical successes of Eindhoven, having provided thousands of jobs, extensive housing arrangements, and many employee rights that paved the way in the working industry and lead to a city of healthy and happy workers. 

A lasting impression

It appears that Philips laid the foundations for Eindhoven’s evolution into a city of advanced innovation and design. Creativity flows through the veins of the city as though there is something in the water that urges people to try new things and prove that there are no boundaries to imagination. Public displays of art and design are openly accepted in Eindhoven, encouraging people to channel their expressiveness in a way that allows everyone to take inspiration from it. Because of this, you see innovation everywhere you look and can feel the creativity igniting in your soul.

Left Brain, Right Brain

There’s one thing that really stands out about Eindhoven, and that is the emphasis on collaboration. Many of the world’s greatest inventions have come about as a result of people sharing and combining ideas to create something more spectacular than any one person could do alone. Above all, Eindhoven prides itself on showcasing the best of ‘the left brain and the right brain’. Interestingly, Eindhoven boasts talent in both the arts and technology, with people from all over the world coming here to think, share ideas, and create. As a result, creative ideas are combined with technological advances to bring about remarkable products and concepts. Inevitably, the approach of sharing insight from different perspectives can result in wonderful things.

Best Things to do in Eindhoven

There’s so much to see and do in Eindhoven. We’ve put together a selection of the best to get you started on your journey of discovery. Start planning your trip with this list of the 12 best things to do in Eindhoven.


1. Visit the Philips museum

Get an insight into the city’s history through this fun and interactive experience. Furthermore, you’ll leave with a new appreciation for the social projects that started hundreds of years ago and still positively impact lives today.

2. Discover Eindhoven’s epic street art

This can be found all over the city. Look out for work by Studio Giftig who have become increasingly well known for their incredible talent. To illustrate, see some of their best pieces in the Most Instagrammable Places In Eindhoven.

3. Go to a PSV football match

A trip to Eindhoven wouldn’t be complete without going to watch the local team play. PSV is a historic club founded by Philips & Co back in 1913. The club was started for Philips employees and grew to one of the best teams in The Netherlands.

people walk and cycle in front of a Philips buildings and a modern glass building in Eindhoven city centre

4. Eat all of the food!

Eindhoven is a foodie haven. With 12 Michelin star restaurants and countless more fine dining or casual eating options, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Check out our Best places to eat in Eindhoven for a selection of our favourites.

5. Take a day trip to Nuenen

Home to the world famous painter Vincent van Goghn, Nuenen is a picturesque village just outside Eindhoven.  Visit the Van Gogh museum then get a feel for the village with a walking tour, where you can visit the buildings that were subjects in some of Van Gogh’s most well-known paintings.

6. Explore Stijp-S

A former Philips industrial area, Strijp-S is now a hip centre for independent businesses and designers. Wander through the area and find renovated factories, innovative concepts, local artisans and thrift stores.

7. Relax in the city parks

We can’t be the only ones who love a bit of urban planning that brings ample green space to a city. Eindhoven has some great parks spread out across the city, ideal for resting your legs in the middle of a jam-packed day of exploring.

8. Take a trip to Piet Hein Eek

Bordering the old Philips estate, this former Philips factory has been transformed into a spectacular design hub, warehouse, and showroom. Now, local designers use this space to create and showcase their work, inspired by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek who’s passion lies in creating something new from something old.

9. Light up your life at the new Motion Imagination Experience

A new addition to Eindhoven’s city centre attractions. Grab your camera and a few friends and head to Motion Imagination Experience to be swept away by the photographic moving light shows.

Man in grey t-shirt and blue hat cycles past an interesting orange house in Eindhoven

10. Get a bird’s eye view at Happy Hour

Sunset is the ideal time to visit the Skybar and look down on Eindhoven from above. Put your feet up and enjoy a delicious, travel-inspired cocktail as you reflect on the day and plan your next steps. It’s a beautiful way to appreciate how green Eindhoven is, and to see some of the city’s  interesting structures from above.

11. Step inside Cafe Thomas

Prepare to be blown away by the impressive art work that encompasses Thomas Hall. An inspiring piece by Studio Giftig, this is not to be missed. The best part? This is now a trendy bar, so you can take it all in as you sip a cold beer.

12. Visit the Van Abbemuseum for contemporary art

With permanent installations and guest exhibitions exploring topics that are currently prominent in society, the Van Abbemuseum is a thought provoking experience you will not want to miss.

Eindhoven Events Calendar

Spring & Summer


Head to Aquabest for the best summer festival around. Dance in the sand with a cocktail in hand, as the music plays on and on. Be free, have fun, and soak up the summer vibes.

Van Moll Fest 

A weekend full of fantastic beer. Delivering beers from the best Dutch, European, and US breweries, Van Moll Fest is a great opportunity to get together with your mates and appreciate international craft beer.


Based on the laid back weekend vibes of Woodstock, this summer food festival has free admission and loads of food, drinks and music on offer. An ideal place to chill out and eat a wide range of foods from around the world.

Autumn & Winter

Dutch Design Week

The largest design event in Northern Europe, DDW is not to be missed. As the design capital of the Netherlands, Eindhoven is the perfect place to host an event showcasing creative and innovative designs. Held in October each year.


This celebration of light began as a commemoration to Eindhoven’s liberation after the Second World War. Each year, a 22km route around the city is lit up with light bulbs and lamps for everyone to enjoy. A beautiful event for the city of light.

Glow Festival

The yearly Glow festival is a firm Eindhoven favourite. Spectacular light installations pop up all over the city, creating a glowing art exhibition with moving and interactive lights.

Upcoming Events

New events are continuously being added to the calendar in Eindhoven. Get up-to-date information about activities and events from This Is Eindhoven, the city’s official tourism board.

inside an industrial building in Eindhoven, with metal beams and large pipes, and large glass windows
three horizontal blue lightning strikes with a yellow light behind. The official Eindhoven city logo
Inside a shopping mall in Eindhoven with glass roof and coloured lights inside the shops

Editor’s Travel Tips

Where to Eat

Eindhoven is a bit of an underdog when it comes to the food scene. There’s so much choice and variety, from Michelin Star restaurants to grab and go treats and everything in between.

Best Photo Opportunities

Despite residents often playing down the aesthetics of Eindhoven, we found it to be a surprisingly beautiful city. There’s so much architectural variety and brightly coloured street art, plus innovative design concepts that are nothing less than intriguing and pleasing to the eye.

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