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unique suites & lofts
access to members lounge
wine bar
large bed in the middle of a loft room with arched wooden beams all painted in white, at Kazerne hotel Eindhoven
freestanding bathtub, black on the outside and white on the inside, next to a glass door at Kazerne hotel in Eindhoven
Exhibition space at Kazerne, home of design in Eindhoven

Kazerne – Home Of Design

A novel concept

Kazerne Home of Design showcases recent creations by local designers across a platform that brings people together to eat, drink, and create. It’s an exciting design platform and cultural enterprise, with the aim of connecting people and stimulating talent. 

The Kazerne platform is home to 8 luxurious guest suites, 2 incredible independent restaurants, and multiple exhibition spaces and meeting rooms. Design exhibitions are presented all across the platform. As a result every event, dinner, and meeting is inspired by thought-provoking design that invites discussion and stimulates creative thinking.

As a hotel, Kazerne offers guests the unique experience of staying in an exquisitely designed space. More specifically, the unrepeated elements of design change with the ongoing exhibitions across the platform, which creates an ever-changing ambiance and experience.

A Brief History

Culture, design, and hospitality

All suites and lofts at Kazerne are located within the walls of an impeccably restored heritage buildings that date back to 1825. The property was one of the first military police barracks of the Netherlands – a fascinating past for the social and cultural setting it is today. Many original features of the buildings have been preserved. For example, the restored wooden beams are now a focal point of the lofts. 

Exhibition spaces are housed inside a 1925 industrial warehouse adjoined to the barracks. High ceilings and exposed steel frames remain, but modifications create an intimate feel, with softened acoustics and a circular runway as centre stage. 

The entire design of Kazerne is a beautiful representation of Eindhoven’s seemingly widespread desire to create and innovate, whilst preserving the best elements of the past.

Facilities & Amenities

• 8 luxurious guest suites & lofts
• Ongoing design exhibitions, with changing designs across the platform
• Italian inspired restaurant with chef Giovanni Gabana
• Nordic fine dining experience at Restaurant Benz
• Wine bar
• Members lounge – 24/7 access for Kazerne members and hotel guests only
• Fine dining and cultural experiences can be arranged upon request
• Meet-up table
• Meeting rooms

A Social Destination

Kazerne is more than a physical space; it’s an experience. It’s a reason to reflect on how design shapes our communal life. Elements of every design render reflection and discussion, which in the hands of the open minded can lead to incredible things.

Eat & Drink At Kazerne

Kazerne Restaurant & Bar

An Italian inspired restaurant with talented Chef Giovanni Gabana. Wine, dine and design with authentic Italian dishes with a modern twist. Savour the extensive global wine list and ask the knowledgeable team for perfect pairings. Food and drinks from the bar and restaurant can be enjoyed inside the lively exhibition hall, or outside in the tranquil courtyard.

Restaurant Benz

Listed in the Michelin Guide 2020, Restaurant Benz delivers fine dining with a Scandinavian touch by young talent Rasmus Olander. Located in the recently renovated coach house and former fire station, Restaurant Benz offers a cosy, intimate fine dining experience.

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black tables and chairs inside an industrial themed hall - the restaurant at Kazerne in Eindhoven
industrial chic themed bar with black and wooden furniture at Kazerne
inside restaurant Benz at Kazerne, a fine dining restaurant with a cosy and rustic design interior