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about us

Lost Tribe Travel

Lost Tribe are a team of creatives and storytellers that work diligently to uncover the very best travel experiences around the world. We find unique, tailored experiences in attractive destinations, and compliment them with thoughtful accommodations to help travellers have the most complete and memorable getaway. Our digital platform provides well-researched information and tried-and-tested recommendations that help our travellers plan the ultimate getaway. 

We believe that choosing the right accommodation can take a trip to the next level, so we strive to only recommend places that can achieve this. You don’t have to own the fanciest guesthouse or the biggest hotel – that’s not necessarily what we’re looking for. We aim to partner with accommodations that provide exceptional service or a memorable experience that guests will talk about for years to come. Whether that’s through a staff team that goes the extra mile, or a location that transports guests to another world… If your accommodation stands out from the crowd, we’d love to work with you.

What We Do

Travellers today are looking for unique experiences that are on their bucket list. At Lost Tribe, we take pride in uncovering hidden gems and inspiring people and making it easy to plan that next big trip.

We create travel guides and inspirational travel pieces that are valuable resources for travellers deciding where to go, what to do and where to stay. The travel content we produce is thoroughly researched and beautifully presented in a creative and enticing way. The pages are designed for our readers to bookmark and come back to again and again throughout their trip planning process.  

Where to travel?

We continuously discover new and exciting travel experiences, while also reintroducing well-known destinations in a creative way to gain traffic and social media exposure for our partners.

Lost Tribe Travel Content partnerships - Sample

What to do?

Visually striking and informative, our guides and experiences are a traveller’s first introduction to the exciting trip planning process. Each guide includes one recommended accommodation.

Where to stay?

Only the best of the best, our featured host pages give travellers a glimpse into the experience they can expect, with direct links and buttons to the hotel website to book their stay.

Become a Featured Host

Let’s Work Together

As we search the globe for amazing destinations and experiences, we are also looking for unique hotels and accommodations that perfectly compliment the destination. We call these hand picked accommodations our “Featured Hosts”. Lost Tribe attracts a more discerning traveller that appreciate quality service and authenticity. This is why we thoroughly research our Featured Hosts for reviews, press, social media presence and more to ensure that they meet a high standard of service and experience.

By becoming a featured host on Lost Tribe Travel, you will gain access to exclusive content marketing services that showcase your property across an exciting platform that attracts travellers at every stage of the buyers journey. Our content helps people discover new destinations, offers exciting and informative content during the research and planning stage, and takes the traveller all the way through to booking their trip.

At Lost Tribe Travel, we strive to offer our partners the highest level of exposure. Most booking platforms present your hotel amongst a sea of competitors, lowering your chances of being noticed. We decided to do things differently here, which is why we only recommend one accommodation per destination or experience

Our team have years of experience in digital marketing, content creation and design. We pride ourselves on creating meaningful relationships with our partners to ensure you get the most out of the partnership. We strive to provide the highest standard of services and most effective marketing strategy for every brand, offering bespoke packages to suit your hotels requirements.


 Exclusive Hotel Recommendation

We only recommend one hotel or accommodation to compliment each destination or experience. Your hotel will appear on the associated travel guide, which will link to your full featured host profile. This ensures that our partners are not competing against others for exposure.

Promotion on Social Media

Reach a wider audience by presenting your hotel or accommodation across our social media channels. We only ever share accommodations that offer a fantastic experience and service, maintaining the trust of our audience of avid travellers. We also offer collaborative giveaways on social media.

Featured Host Profile

We create a full dedicated profile for each of our featured hosts. This page includes high quality images and important information to showcase your hotel in the most attractive way. We include buttons and links to your chosen booking page so that all bookings are direct.

E-Mail Newsletter Promotion

Slide into our travellers inbox with a place on our quarterly newsletter. With over 5000 email subscribers, this is a highly targeted way to reach people who are looking for travel inspiration and are planning their next trip. Your hotel can be included in the content and/or as display ads.

Targeted Banner Ads

Display ads are a great way to increase awareness of your hotel. We offer targeted ads that reach people who are already interested in the destination or type of experience you offer. We are selective in which ads appear on the site, ensuing our users only see trusted recommendations.

Annual Coffee Table Book Inclusion

Be presented as one of the world’s best properties in our annual Lost Tribe Travel coffee table book. The feature will include large images, a short captivating description, and contact details for the hotel. Featuring high quality images and an elegant design, our books are the perfect addition to any hotel lobby.


Content Marketing

By becoming a Lost Tribe Travel Featured Host, your hotel or accommodation will benefit from the impact of content marketing over your competitors. Content marketing helps travellers find valuable information throughout the trip planning process.

While the traveller is researching and planning, they will be introduced to your hotel as a recommended and trusted accommodation so that when the time comes to decide which accommodation to book, your hotel will be at the front of their minds, leading to more direct bookings.

Did you know

67% of travellers are more likely to book with a travel brand that provides relevant information on the destination they are interested in.

• Online consumers expect to be informed, inspired and entertained throughout their dream and discover phase.

• In the early stage of decision making travellers want content to inspire and to help narrow down choices.

50% of travellers use social media when researching destinations and hotels. While 43% use social media when researching vacation activities and attractions.

banner ads

We promote your hotel in a relevant way

In addition to content marketing, we also offer display ads that show up across the Lost Tribe Travel website. These ads can be provided by your team, or can be designed by our team to meet your requirements. 

The placement of our partner ads is important, not only for you as an advertiser but for readers and users too. All ads are strategically placed on relevant pages and related sections for advertisers to yield high engagement rates and awareness without impacting the user experience. 

To create the best possible user experience, we limit our advertising to exclusive partnerships only. We are selective in choosing the brands that advertise on our platform so that our users can have complete confidence in every accommodation, brand, and product that we recommend. 

Lost Tribe Audience

Experience Driven

Our audience make travel decisions based on seeking new meaningful experiences. They are constantly researching and looking for information to plan bucket list trips that expose them to new ways of life, cultures and environments.


Active On Social Media

Our audience is active on several social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. They tend to use those channels to share their lives and travel experiences with friends, family and followers.


Socially Conscious

Our audience cares about the big issues facing the world today. Causes such as climate change, sustainability and equality are factors they consider when choosing where to spend money.

Age Range

Top Locations

Top 5% Household Income

We attract travellers that are among the top income earners worldwide. They spend discretionary income on bucket list travel experiences and high quality accommodations.

Brand Affinity

Technologically Savvy 

Our audience is keeps up to date with technology and electronics. Often purchasing cameras and video equipment to document their travels and personal lives. They value creativity and design in the websites and apps that they visit and use regularly.

Recommended Packages

Option A

Connect your hotel to a travel experience. As the only recommended property, travellers researching where to go will discover your hotel as the place to stay.

• Recommended Property Inclusion
• Featured Host Page
• Sponsored Content (1 post)
• Shareable List Ad Placement (1 post)

Option B

Take your brand awareness to the next level. Feature your hotel in two content pieces about topics in your location. Advertise within fun and engaging lists that readers share and bookmark.

• Recommended Property Inclusion
• Featured Host Page
• Sponsored Content (2 posts)
• Shareable List Ad Placement (4 posts)
• Instagram/Facebook Posts (4)
• Banner Advertising 

Option C

Reach a new audience with deals and promotions in our newsletter. Increase awareness and traffic with frequent ad placements. Feature in our annual themed digital book. 

• Recommended Property Inclusion
• Featured Host Page
• Sponsored Content (3 posts)
• Shareable List Ad Placement (6 posts)
• Instagram/Facebook Posts (8)
Bi-annual Newsletter
• Coffee Table Book Feature
• Exclusive Section Banner Advertising 

Contact us

Get in Touch

We’re proud to offer our partners a highly personalised service. We would be happy to discuss your specific marketing goals and work together to help you reach them. 

If you would like to discuss your options or simply find out more information about becoming a featured host, please get in touch so we can arrange a suitable time to call.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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