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Lost Tribe are a team of creatives and storytellers that work diligently to uncover the very best travel experiences around the world. We find unique, tailored experiences in attractive destinations, and compliment them with thoughtful accommodations to help travellers have the most complete and memorable getaway. Our digital platform provides well-researched information and tried-and-tested recommendations that help our travellers plan the ultimate getaway. 

What Makes Us Unique?

Our own travel experiences have shown us that the most memorable parts of a trip come from the recommendations of people who live there, so we work closely with local travel, food, and lifestyle enthusiasts in each local area to uncover true hidden gems and authentic experiences. Our aim is to bridge the gap between locals and visitors. In this way, travellers enjoy authentic and unforgettable experiences whilst supporting independent businesses in each destination.

Sponsor a Section

Sponsoring a section of the Lost Tribe Travel platform allows you to target your ads to an audience who are actively planning a trip with interests that are inline with your your brand. Your ads will appear on every content page throughout that section.

We limit our sponsors to only one brand within a given industry, providing our travellers with intentional content and a sense of confidence in the featured destinations and products that we feature. Strategic placement of your ads on only relevant pages and content sections also encourages brand engagement without compromising user experience.

The Lost Tribe Travel platform is divided into interest based sections: 

Natural Wonders
Dynamic Cities
Culture Trips
Featured Hosts
Get Inspired

Campaign Sponsorship

Throughout the year, Lost Tribe Travel run destination-specific campaigns to share a range of content pieces related to an attractive destination. By sponsoring a targeted campaign, you can reach our audience of travellers in an organic way while they research new destinations and plan future trips. 

Our content is designed for people to revisit at every stage of the planning journey, from getting inspiration for where to travel, through discovering the best things to do in their chosen location, through to booking their accommodation.

When you sponsor a campaign, your ads will appear across the entire content series, with direct recommendations to your brand or product where applicable.

Travel Guides

Visually stunning travel guides designed to inspire travellers to explore the destination in a more meaningful way. Our guides include useful information like the best time to visit, plus insider knowledge to get the most out of the trip. Where possible, we work with the destination’s tourism board to share our travel guides across their platforms.

What to Pack

Where relevant, we include our sponsored brands in the ‘What to Pack’ pages, which highlight the must-have clothing items and accessories to ensure out travellers feel right at home during their trip. 

Where to Stay

Our travel guides include one or two recommended accommodations that are guaranteed to compliment the traveller’s experience. Every accommodation we feature has a personalised page with links to book directly with the property.

Best Places to Eat

We team up with trusted foodies in each destination to bring the best places to eat and drink, from a local’s perspective. These pages are widely shared on social media, reaching a particularly wide audience.

Ultimate Night Out

With recommendations from like-minded locals, these pages share all of the insider tips needed to have the best night out in a given destination. From hidden bars to the most exciting after parties, plus where to eat and what to wear.

Most Instagrammable Places

Taking inspiration from photographers and travellers on social media, we create visual and informative lists of the most photographable places in each destination. These pages are highly shareable across social channels, and are widely shared by the creators included in the list.

Our Audience Profile

Experience Driven

Our audience make travel decisions based on seeking new meaningful experiences. They are constantly researching and looking for information to plan bucket list trips that expose them to new ways of life, cultures and environments.


Active On Social Media

Our audience is active on several social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. They tend to use those channels to share their lives and travel experiences with friends, family and followers.


Socially Conscious

Our audience cares about the big issues facing the world today. Causes such as climate change, sustainability and equality are factors they consider when choosing how to spend money.

Age Range

Top Locations

Technologically Savvy

Our audience tends to spend freely on top technology brands. As content creators in their work and personal lives, they value creativity and design in the websites and apps that they visit and use regularly.

Brand Affinity

Top 5% Household Income

We attract travellers that are among the top income earners worldwide. They spend discretionary income on bucket list travel experiences and high quality accommodations.

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