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About Us

Lost Tribe was created in 2015 in light of the evolving world of travel. Today more than ever, travellers are seeking to have meaningful experiences that arouse the senses and introduce them to something new and unexpected. As travel becomes increasingly popular, avid travellers are in search of places and adventures that are lesser-known, under the radar, and more in depth.

This is where we come in. Our team of creatives and storytellers work diligently to uncover unique experiences and provide thorough research and travel intel to help take an idea and transform it into action. We find the best things to do in the top destinations, then pair them with the perfect accommodation to help you to get the most out of every getaway.

Our Values

We believe that travel should be an enriching experience for everyone, that you should return from every trip with a new perspective, idea or understanding that you didn’t have before. We’re living in a time where global travel is more accessible than ever, and those who are in a position to travel around the world should take responsibility for doing so in a meaningful way. The more we learn about and come to understand other cultures, traditions, and ways of life, the more we come to care about other people who are in circumstances that are worlds apart from our own.

We want to encourage people to take more meaningful trips. That doesn’t mean you should dedicate your entire vacation to volunteering or educating yourself (unless you want to, of course!) It means choosing destinations and experiences that support and benefit local communities and the environment, rather than harming them. It’s taking time to learn about the place you’re in, and understanding how the past has led to the present way of living.

We want travel to be an enriching experience for everyone. We aim to shed light on places that will inspire you, so that every trip becomes something unforgettable and has a lasting influence. Our aim is to uncover the most sustainable and eco-friendly tours and accommodations that help you tick off your bucket list travel experiences in a way that benefits others and the environment. We want to introduce you to cities that are using innovative technologies that will get you thinking, and help you discover parts of the natural world in a way that you never thought possible.

Small decisions such as the tour operator you choose or accommodation you book can have a huge impact. This is why we’ve searched high and low to find the best things to do and places to stay that help you to get the most out of your travels at the same time as giving something back. Travel should be about collaboration, exchanging knowledge and broadening perspectives.

We’re at a crucial point in time where the future of Earth will be determined by the actions we take now. We have to come together and learn to respect nature again, and to make changes in our own lives now that will allow future generations to experience the wonders of this beautiful planet. So get out there and experience the beauty of the natural world, and harness your new perspective to help make a difference.

Our Partners

We collaborate with reputable partners and brands to promote tourism that is sustainable, ethical and meaningful. Each of our relationships with tourism boards, hand-picked hotels, tour operators and brands reflects our commitment to providing high quality recommendations that are thoroughly vetted by our team.

Our Story

“You’re only given one spark of madness, you mustn’t lose it.”

Robin Williams

In life, there are moments that once we’ve experienced them, there is simply no going back to living life the way we once did. For me, that was a trip to Thailand back in 2014. It’s still difficult to describe, but the sense of freedom and discovery left an imprint on my soul that simply would not go away. I became obsessed with finding a way to make travel a way of life. My four year journey began with a blog, which evolved into a magazine with contributions from other travellers around the world, all sharing their unique experiences. 

In 2018, I took what would turn out to be yet another life changing trip. During a free hostel happy hour in Tulum, a bright and vibrant soul made her way to the long table of travellers, and as fate would have it, found a seat directly across from me. As the Caipirinhas began to flow, it wasn’t long before Claire and I became close, sharing stories from home and the people and things we loved. From that moment, we spent everyday together riding bikes and swimming in the warm waters off the Mexican coast. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Neither of us were willing to give this up. We put our heads together and poured our hearts fully into growing Lost Tribe.  

Fast forward two years and countless adventures around the world, and our dream had become a reality. We had become full time travellers, writing, photographing, working with clients and exploring new places, but we still were not quite a tribe.

It wasn’t until a magical trip to Lisbon that another fortunate turn of events would lead us to meet a warm and incredibly generous soul, Marcelo. Introduced to us through a mutual client, we began working closely together on several marketing projects. It wasn’t long before we realized that our personal and professional chemistry and communication were something special. Countless hours of late night working, and epic road trips on the weekends… Lost Tribe had finally become a tribe.

Together, built on our love for travel and each other we created Lost Tribe Travel. A true labour of love, we invite readers to discover the world with us, to step into the unknown where the best things in life happen. Our mission is to use travel to encourage everyone to live life for the moments that excite, scare and inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Safe Travels,

Philip Rwankole
Founder of Lost Tribe

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