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10 Best Restaurants


10 Best Places To Eat in Eindhoven

Like everything in Eindhoven, the food scene is built on a solid platform of innovation, creativity and design. With 12 Michelin star restaurants and many more offering food of an exceptional standard, Eindhoven is a true foodie haven. From fine dining to novel concept restaurants, and countless patisseries in between, there are endless delights to sink your teeth into making deciding where to eat in Eindhoven a little difficult.

To get you started in your search of the best places to eat in Eindhoven, we’ve put together a wide ranging list of the best restaurants in Eindhoven. We’ve included hip cocktail bars, cafes, fine dining and hole in the wall eateries to suit any taste.

Down Town Gourmet Market

21 Individual Eateries In A Social Hub

Looking for where to eat in Eindhoven, Down Town Gourmet Market is a great place to get a taste for what the Eindhoven food scene has to offer. The place to be in Eindhoven. With 21 different eateries to choose from, this is the perfect place for groups to dine. Mouth-watering cuisine from all over the globe, each prepared by talented chefs who deliver delicious dishes that are clearly made with love. From oysters, sashimi and bao, to pizzas, tapas and more. Down Town Gourmet Market offers the best of the best in an incredibly relaxed and social setting. Simply order and pay from an app on your phone, then sit back and soak up the atmosphere. Down Town Gourmet Market is definitely one of the best places to eat in Eindhoven.

Kazerne Bar & Restaurant

Eat & Drink Surrounded By Design

High on our list of the best restaurans in Eindhoven is Kazerne.  Much more than a beautiful design hotel, Kazerne’s passion and attention to detail carries over to the restaurant, where both the setting and the menu are a delight to the senses. Head chef Giovanni Gabana creates Italian inspired masterpieces, from light snacks to three course meals. Enjoy a glass of wine or two from the extensive wine list, taking expert recommendations from the servers who will help pair each dish with a wine that compliments it perfectly. Dine outside in the courtyard, or inside amongst an ongoing art exhibition. The large dining space has been designed in such a way that creates a sense of intimacy. 

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salmon rolled into flower shapes, presented on a white plate with decorative purees and leaves
main course at Kazerne, of the the best places to eat in Eindhoven, with tomato sauce, aubergine parmigiana, and delicately fried cheese
rectangular wooden platter with bruschetta topped with tomato and herbs, plus pieces of cheese, nuts, oysters and pot of sauce at Kazerne
glass pot with dessert containing chocolate sauce, chopped strawberries and brown crumble at Kazerne restaurant

Restaurant Doyy

Inspired French Cuisine From Michelin’s Young Chef Of The Year 2020

Tantalise your tastebuds with a visit to Restaurant Doyy. Known for serving ‘the world’s best caviar’, the cuisine here is exceptional. Head chef Cas Pikaar was awarded Michelin Young Chef of the Year 2020, and it’s easy to see why. Course after course of indescribably delicious dishes are prepared and presented in fascinating and elegant ways. Every bite is a taste explosion, but one of such subtle and well combined flavours and textures. It’s remarkable that such creativity can be displayed through food, and with such attention to detail. An absolute must for foodies, Doyy is by far our favourite dining experience in Eindhoven to date. Doyy is sure to be at the top of the best restaurants in Eindhoven for many years to come.

The Opwetten Watermill

Enjoy Lunch In A Van Gogh Painting

Just a stones throw from the city centre is The Opwetten Watermill. A simple yet fantasically executed menu makes Opwetten one of the best restaurants in Eindhoven. The historic building is the focus of one of Van Gogh’s most well-known paintings. Sitting on the edge of Nuenen village, this picturesque watermill is just a short drive or cycle out of the city. Remaining a functioning mill to this day, the property is now home to a fantastic restaurant that draws crowds and art lovers due to it’s famous façade. Enjoy a local lunch with the traditional dish ’12-Uurtje’, translating to ’12 o’clock’. A combination of bread, meat or fish, soup and salad makes for a deeply satisfying meal.

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lush grass verges either side of a narrow river, with trees in the distance
platter with salad, ham, eggs, cheese and a small cup of soup
a cup of soup, brown bread with fish on, salad, and a pot of cream coloured sauce on a plate
pieces of cooked fish on top of brown bread, with salad, boiled egg, and a cup of red soup

Pinkie Patisserie

Beautifully Elegant Sweet Treats

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely want to add Pinkie Patisserie to your list of the best places to eat in Eindhoven. Pinkie Patisserie is exactly what you imagine a fancy cake shop to be. Step inside a fairytale world, where everything is pretty in pink, and there’s a light scent of sweet treats in the air. A beautiful selection of handcrafted cakes awaits you, making the only down side having to choose between them! Whichever one takes your fancy, you can’t go wrong. Every cake has been delicately crafted to combine delicious tastes in the most eye catching way. Settle into a cosy corner and savour each bite.

Meneer de Boer

The Best All Day Breakfast in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a coffee lovers dream. Independent cafes are found all across the city, with many offering breakfast and brunch to start the day. Meneer de Boer go one step further by serving breakfast all day – an absolute win for people who enjoy breakfast for dinner! Not only do the dishes taste delicious, they’re also extremely Instagrammable too. The presentation is great, and the taste even better. This list of the best restaurants in Eindhoven would not be complete without this charming family run restaurant.

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flat white coffee in a white cup and saucer, with a small toblerone chocolate on the side
small glass bottle of syrup on a plate with pancakes topped with banana slices and chopped walnuts
birdseye view of breakfast, pancakes with banana and chopped nuts, and oatmeal topped with fruit and nuts, plus a coffee in white cup and saucer
oatmeal topped with sliced banana, cacao nibs, shredded coconut and chopped nuts presented in a green and white painted bowl

Piet Hein Eek

Fresh Local Food In The Factory Area Of Piet Hein Eek

Serving fresh local food in an industrial design setting, Piet Hein Eek is definitely worth a visit. Our suggestion? Spend the morning browsing the interior design space and furniture showroom next door, admiring the work of local designers and craftsmen. Then enjoy a delicious lunch made with locally sourced ingredients and with a presentation that leaves nothing to be desired. It doesn’t take much to understand why Peit Hein Eek is considered one of the best restaurants in Eindhoven.

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Pastry Club

Pretty Cakes In An Industrial Setting

Located in Strijp-S is a charming little cake shop named Pastry Club. An unassuming café in a refurbished industrial building, it seemed like a place worth checking out. Exceeding all expectations, the pastries are simply to die for, and the café serving coffees and cappuccinos perfect for that midday caffeine fix. Fresh baked bread is also a staple here, either to take home as a loaf or as a delicious sandwich. Be sure to pop by during your visit to Strijp-S.

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inside Pastry Club in Eindhoven, an industrial building with a pastry shop inside, with black and white tiled floor
Inside Pastry Club in Eindhoven, pay counter with a display cabinet of individual cakes. Plants hanging from the ceiling above
cheesecake with piped cream decoration and a chocolate square, from Pastry Club in Eindhoven
Slice of apple pie from Pastry Club, one of the best places to eat in Eindhoven

Phood Kitchen

Healthy & Sustainable Food From Aquaponic Systems And Local Farms

Phood Kitchen is all about creating healthy, unprocessed foods using local and sustainably grown produce. The aquaponics systems are an innovative way of growing fresh, organic vegetables in the city. Growing leafy greens and a variety of mushrooms, these ingredients provide the basis for several dishes on the menu. Other ingredients come from nearby farms, supporting local producers. Seasonality adds variety to the menu, resulting in delights such as ‘mussels night’ where huge dishes of fresh mussels are served in fresh, homemade sauces with a side of fresh baked bread and salad from the aquaponics garden. An interesting concept and one of the best places to eat in Eindhoven.

Bottle Distillery

International Award Winning Spirits Made In Eindhoven

For gin, whiskey and rum lovers, the Bottle Distillery is a must! Guided tours, tasting sessions and workshops are on offer, so you can really get into the spirit of things. The Bottle Distillery may not have been around for long, but they’ve already won multiple awards for their spirits and liqueurs. It’s also home to the Lucky Bastard Beer Brandy, a spirit distilled from the beer of a local brewery. It’s completely unique and well worth a visit. There’s a great bar with a terrace at the distillery, making for a nice ambiance to sample the spirits to cocktails. Light meals and snacks are also on offer (and are highly recommended before cycling to your next destination!)

Distillery room with large wooden barrels lined up against the wall and shiny distilling equipment in the centre of the room at Bottle Distillery Eindhoven
wooden shelf displaying rows of bottled gin at Bottle Distillery Eindhoven
three tasting glasses of spirits on a wooden tray, two with whiskey and one with limoncello at Bottle Distillery Eindhoven
crystal glass with mojito cocktail topped with lime wedge and 2 black straws, on a wooden table at Bottle Distillery Eindhoven

Food & Drink Recap

Down Town Gourmet Market

Authentic food from around the world

Kazerne Bar & Restaurant

Italian cuisine in an inspiring setting

Pinkie Patisserie

Treat yourself

The Opwetten Watermill

Enjoy a relaxing lunch in the countryside

Restaurant Doyy

The ultimate taste sensation

Meneer de Boer

Love an all day breakfast?

Piet Hein Eek

Immerse yourself in creativity and design

Pastry Club

Elegant treats in a cool industrial setting

Phood Kitchen

Delicious, healthy and innovative

Bottle Distillery

For gin, whiskey and rum lovers