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The 10 Places Heating Up on Instagram: Elora and Fergus

Scrolling through Instagram, people often find themselves stricken with a serious case of wanderlust—trekking to exotic destinations around the globe, travel influencers and enthusiasts alike are constantly capturing mesmerizing shots and sharing captivating candids that are sure to make their followers jealous.

Instagram may have you daydreaming about being whisked away, but luckily you do not have to travel far to snag the perfect selfie. Just outside of Toronto, the villages of Elora and Fergus have been drawing in crowds who are looking to travel off the beaten path and up their social media game with Instagram-worthy photos tagged #EloraFergus.

Here are the top places in Elora and Fergus heating up on Instagram.

Templin Gardens in Elora and Fergus


Photo by @elorafergus

With carved stone archways, parapet walls and tiered landscape gardens that lead down to the Grand River, this historic landmark offers an original backdrop for those looking to capture a covetable Instagram shot.


Photo by @_tannis_

Found just outside Victoria Park in Elora, this lookout provides photographers natural lighting and a stunning view where the Grand and Irvine Gorges converge.

lovers leap in elora and fergus
Elora Mill Hotel and Spa


Photo by @jess_scott_

With a breathtaking mill overlooking thundering falls, what more could you ask for? The Elora Mill is an iconic historical landmark that has been nestled at the heart of its community for over 175 years, and is a must-visit for amateur and professional photographers alike.

The Tall Man

Photo by @dizzzy.bees

If you are looking for an incredible photo that will rack up plenty of likes, you need to check out the Tall Man. Titled “Who’s in Charge”, this finger-pointing fixture in downtown Elora is one of many notable art features within the village and is perfect for taking personal poses.

Tall Man Elora
Elora Gorge

Elora Gorge

Photo by @stuminous

The Elora Gorge is a definite go-to for Instagram enthusiasts, with scenic overlooks and riverside trails providing a spectacular view of natural rapids. For photographers looking for a gorgeous natural area to frame your photo, this is the place for you.

Irvine Street Bridge (David Street Bridge)

Photo by @carly_hodge

Visible from Victoria Park in Elora, David Street Bridge is one of the most popular views within the city and one of the most photographed from the river below. An engineering masterpiece surrounded by trees and limestone cliffs, photos of this bridge are sure to garner plenty of attention on Instagram.

Irvine Street Bridge
Seven Doors Elora and Fergus

The Seven Doors

Photo by @helina___

A photo of this hidden gem is sure to make your followers jealous! Located on Metcalf Street in downtown Elora, the Seven Doors provide a pop of colour and an eclectic feel for a next-level Instagram selfie.

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Housed in a former poorhouse that dates back to 1877, this museum and cultural centre is a National Historic Site that tells the stories of the people and places of Wellington County through curated exhibits. The expansive grounds of the museum also offer an impactful backdrop for arts and history buffs to take lust-worthy Instagram pitcures.
Wellington Country Museums and Archives Building
Elora Quarry

Elora Quarry

Probably the most popular spot on this list, the Elora Quarry is the perfect place for people looking to cool off and take plenty of nature-inspired selfies. 

From your tube

Photo by @aarondoinie

There is no better way to capture the beauty of Elora and Fergus than directly on the water! For those adventure-seekers looking to go the extra mile and have a GoPro at-the-ready, water tubing is available between the two cities throughout the summer months.