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13 Most Instagrammable
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The Most Instagrammable Places in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a street photographer’s paradise. Firstly, the city is bursting with creative street art. Secondly, interesting and unique architecture can be found in every neighbourhood. And thirdly, surprising interior design in unexpected places. Eindhoven’s industrial past has left a backdrop of factory and warehouse buildings renovated while maintaining their original character. You’ll be spoilt for choice on where to shoot next. So to point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a selection of the most Instagrammable places in Eindhoven.


Photo by @lejdiszon

De Blob has become somewhat of an icon in Eindhoven. It catches the light and draws everyone’s eye. Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas designed the futuristic building. The organically shaped glass and steel structure serves as the entrance to the ‘The Admirant’ shopping centre, and is located in ’18 September Square’ in the old city centre of Eindhoven.

man wearing black jumping and reaching upwards in front of De Blob in Eindhoven - a modern building made with triangles of glass


This dreamy cycle path contains thousands of coloured stones that are charged by daylight and shine at night. Daan Roosegaarde developed the path, which is inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s painting of a ‘Starry Night’. The layout of the stones depicts fragments of the painting. Spanning 600 metres, the cycle path connects Eindhoven with the neighbouring village of Nuenen where Van Gogh lived. The twinkling path is best enjoyed after nightfall. We recommend using a long exposure to capture the subtle lights.


Photo by @this_fabrik

The city of Eindhoven has been blessed with some absolutely astonishing pieces of art by Studio Giftig. These talented artists use only spray paint to create their masterpieces, making the incredible detail and accuracy even more impressive. One of their most iconic recent works is “Eternal Love”. It’s tucked away down a small alley, close to De Blob in 18 September Square. Needless to say this is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Eindhoven.


Photo by @nappyc

Strijp-S is a cool Eindhoven neighbourhood that was originally home to a Philips production site. When Philips left Eindhoven in 2006, some of the production buildings were restored and turned into residential lofts. The redesign inside two of the larger buildings, Anton and Gerard, includes some pretty awesome structural changes. This oval staircase is one of them.



These bright and colourful flying bowling pins have been brightening up Eindhoven since the year 2000. The monument was created by two Dutch artists; Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen. The huge sculpture is located nearby Eindhoven Central Station, at the intersection of John F. Kennedylaan and Fellenoord. 


Woensel West is an exciting district in Eindhoven. This neighbourhood is home to artists and creatives, young families, and people from all different cultures. Consequently, it’s an exciting mix that brings vibrancy and colour to the streets. Resident entrepreneurs bring about new concepts, as well as new shops, eateries and a hip places to hangout.


From the outside, Cafe Thomas looks like any other city centre bar or restaurant. Tables and chairs are packed full of people enjoying a beer in the sun. But step through the doors and prepared to be blown away. Studio Giftig have worked their magic in here, transforming the interior into a flamingo-pink work of art. This is definitely one for the ‘gram.


To capture this beautiful view, go to the underground bike parking at 18 September Square and take the elevator going down. As with so many other structures in Eindhoven, the station has been painted with colourful street art which falls under the spotlight of the skylight windows above. It’s another beautiful design by Italian architect Massimiliano Fuksas, the same guy that created De Blob.


Photo by @philllyocean

This former industrial factory is located in the cool urban neighbourhood of Stijp-S. The building is now home to a delightful bakery named Pastry Club, but has retained all of it’s original steel structures which make for a pretty awesome setting. The contrast of heavy machinery and elegant tasty treats is simply irresistible, making it one of the most Instagrammable places in Eindhoven. Make sure you stop for a cake whilst you’re there!

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The Motion Imagination Experience has been designed with photographers and creatives in mind. This is a new permanent fixture in the city centre and it’s located on the second floor of the Piazza shopping centre. With changing exhibitions and a Dinner in Motion dining experience, this myriad of light show is not to be missed.

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Photo by @andyhendrata

Many of Eindhoven’s young, innovative and sustainable businesses are housed in Strijp-T. This area was a former power plant providing energy for Philips. Thankfully, as the neighbourhood developed it retained a lot of the awesome industrial features and architecture. As a result it’s now a really cool place to explore with a camera. Do you like to get creative with camera angles?


There are so many hidden secrets behind closed doors located all across Eindhoven. A perfect  example of this is the beautiful blue apartment block in Strijp-S. Although it would be easy to walk past from the street, there are so many cool angles to shoot from once you’re inside the gate. It is by far one of the most Instagrammable places in Eindhoven. Just remember that people live here, so be mindful and respectful during your visit.


Photo by @andyhendrata

This captivating building is actually a hidden jazz bar in the heart of Eindhoven. The industrial interior and awesome urban vibe add character and charm to an otherwise deserted warehouse. It wouldn’t be any fun if we told you where every place on this list was, so you’re going to have to find this one yourself.