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About Us

Lost Tribe are a team of creatives and storytellers that work diligently to uncover the very best travel experiences around the world. We find unique, tailored experiences in attractive destinations, and compliment them with thoughtful accommodations to help travellers have the most complete and memorable getaway. Our digital platform provides well-researched information and tried-and-tested recommendations that help our travellers plan the ultimate getaway.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our diverse team has an abundance of knowledge and skills, bringing a passion for travel, an eye for design, and an in depth knowledge of digital marketing to create Lost Tribe Travel. Together we create well informed travel content that is useful throughout the entire planning and booking journey, and is designed to be saved and shared. Our experience in digital marketing guarantees that the content reaches our target audience. We always include direct links to the websites of the brands we work with, ensuring all bookings or purchases are made directly.

Our Values

Communication – We value honesty and openness, and believe that sharing knowledge and ideas leads to bigger and better outcomes.
Diversity – Diversity and global mindedness are integral to our company. We recognise and value differences between people, communities and cultures both within our team and on a global scale. We love that diversity fosters respect, creativity and innovation.
Innovation – We’re always looking for new ways to uncover hidden gems and share them with our audience in exciting and useful ways. We also pride ourselves in finding new and creative ways to work with our partners to help them achieve their marketing goals. 

our audience

Experience Driven

Our audience make travel decisions based on seeking new meaningful experiences. They are constantly researching and looking for information to plan bucket list trips that expose them to new ways of life, cultures and environments.


Active On Social Media

Our audience is active on several social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook. They tend to use those channels to share their lives and travel experiences with friends, family and followers.


Socially Conscious

Our audience cares about the big issues facing the world today. Causes such as climate change, sustainability and equality are factors they consider when choosing how to spend money.

Age Range

Top Locations

Technologically Savvy

Our audience tends to spend freely on top technology brands. As content creators in their work and personal lives, they value creativity and design in the websites and apps that they visit and use regularly.

Brand Affinity

Top 5% Household Income

We attract travellers that are among the top income earners worldwide. They spend discretionary income on bucket list travel experiences and high quality accommodations.

Sponsored Campaigns

Audience Reach

Throughout the year, we run sponsored campaigns to promote content about a chosen destination. We produce multiple content pieces including the best places to stay, and the top things to do in the destination.

Campaign Reach

Social Media Audience +35,000
Instagram (brand + influencer) +25,000
Post Reach +3200/post
Post Impressions +3500/post
IG Stories – 400 views/post
Website Pageviews +10,000/ month

Our Content

Informative Guides, Valuable Resources & Shareable Lists

Discover Cities

The perfect place to start, our city guides showcase the best things to do in the world’s most innovative and culture rich cities.

Lost Tribe Sponsorship example

Experience the Unforgettable

Perfect for planning that once in a lifetime trip, our well researched guides are a complete and trusted resource for adventurers around the world.

Find Inspiration

Light and fun, we create lists that are designed with reaching a broader audience and yielding high engagement across social media.

Hotel Partners

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We’re proud to offer a highly personalised service. We would be happy to discuss how we can  work together to help you reach your goals. 

If you would like to find out more information about Lost Tribe Travel, please get in touch so we arrange a suitable time to call.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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