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Palacio Belmonte Lisbon white logo
unique suites
year history
bar / restaurants
mins to Sao Jorge Castle
minutes from city center
Palacio Belmonte Lisbon Bartolomeu de Gusmao Suite
Palacio Belmonte Lisbon Bartolomeu de Gusmao Suite
Palacio Belmonte Lisbon Bartolomeu de Gusmao Suite

Palacio Belmonte

High in the hills above the shores of the river Tagus, Palacio Belmonte is an iconic piece of Lisbon. It’s an incredible location that has played centre stage to many of history’s pivotal moments of discovery. The old town of Alfama extends downhill to the riverbanks in a beautiful and unpredictable pattern. Buildings angled and built within tight spaces make for a perfect labyrinth, with few if any dead ends. The entire moving art piece is best appreciated from the magnificent Palacio Belmonte. Terraces great and small on various levels, and on all sides of the sprawling structure, are a photographer’s dream. It’s a living, breathing masterpiece. Formerly a noble family home dating back to the 15th century, Palacio Belmonte today is a labour of love, a fairy tale destination steeped in Portuguese history and culture.

Spend a day in the Garden

Make your way to the rear of Palacio Belmonte, where you’ll discover a tranquil Mediterranean contemporary garden. Orange trees bear fruit over head while birds tip toe along the pool side. The steep slopes and ancient walls stand as barriers to the dynamic city below. You would never suspect such a place could exist, yet there it is. An elegant oasis designed to take advantage of all the sunshine that Europe’s sunniest capital has to offer.

On a summer day, the pool is the ideal place to bring your friends and family together. Read quietly on the deck chairs, drift slowly through the water, there is no better way to cut through the heat of summer in Lisbon.

Services & Amenities

• Located in Alfama (Lisbon’s old town)
• Fascinating history
• 20,000 original Azulejo tiles
• 10 unique suites
• 2 family suites
• Grand ballroom
• Large sitting rooms
• Large east terrace perfect for groups
• Organic garden
• Black marble swimming pool
• Grenache restaurant
• Breakfast included
• 2 minutes walk to Sao Jorge Castle
• Available to book individual suites
• Available for private events

Grenache Restaurant

Nestled in the palace courtyard in the shadow of Lisbon’s iconic Castelo São Jorge, Grenache is the perfect array of local dishes with a French spin. Every plate is crafted keeping in mind that tradition and modernity are to be paired rather than opposed.