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Island Hopping in Coron

With countless islands, unbeatable clear blue water, and endless natural marvels to explore, it’s no wonder Coron has fast become one of the most desirable destinations in the Philippines. Though the island’s town is small and humble, rural Coron offers an incredible experience of real Filipino life whilst providing the perfect gateway to explore the surrounding islands. As a result, island hopping tours are the number one thing to do in Coron.

Island Hopping in Coron – Top Tips

Island hopping in Coron is an unforgettable experience and should definitely be on your bucket list. It’s the number one thing to do in Coron, but that means tour boats can get very busy and popular sites are often crowded. Here’s the best way to avoid the crowds and experience Coron’s beauty spots in all of their natural glory.

1. Choose a private boat over an organised tour

It will cost a little bit more, but it’s 100% worth it. Nothing compares to arriving at a beauty spot with no one else around (as opposed to being ushered along in a crowd of orange lifejackets!) Better yet, there’s no one calling you back to the boat after 10 minutes of being there – the day moves along at your pace, so take your time and enjoy each site, then let your guide know when you’re ready to explore the next hidden treasure.

turquoise water surrounded by karst rock islands, view from the steps to Kayangan Lake on an island hopping tour in Coron
boats in the water around an island in coron
man sits on the front of a blue wooden boat, with bright turquoise water in Coron
drone shot of a turquoise lagoon in Coron, with wooden boats and coral reefs
lady stands on a step between the Twin Lagoons in Coron
blue, white and red wooden boat on the water in Coron, Philippines

2. Find a fun and knowledgeable guide to take you around the islands

It goes without saying, but a great guide can make all the difference to your experience. The right guide will be able to share information about the history and natural environments that will make your adventure much more worthwhile.

3. Set off really early in the morning

We’re talking 7am, if you can. This might sound less than ideal, but as soon as you stop at the first destination and realise you have it to yourself, you won’t give your bed a second thought. Arrange a boat the night before, and get to bed early.

4. Take everything you need for the day

Although some of the more popular spots sometimes have little stalls selling drinks and snacks, we’d recommend that you take all the water and food you need for the day. Whereas organised tours typically provide lunch, private boats will not. However, it is still possible to enjoy a freshly caught island meal – simply ask your guide to take you to a local restaurant. Just keep in mind that these are likely to be a boat ride away, rather than being next to any of the attractions.

6 Best Things to do in Coron

There are several locations around the Coron islands that you should definitely visit during your island hopping tour. Some spots have become really well known due to social media, but they are still worth seeing for yourself. 

1. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is the most popular tourist destination in Coron. Accessible only by boat, visitors walk up a set of stairs to a viewpoint (which is definitely worth stopping at) then down the other side to reach the actual lake. Countless mystical-looking stalagmites below the water make this a great spot for snorkelling. If you arrive at Kayangan Lake before the crowds you’ll get to experience the serene and almost spiritual ambiance.

2. Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is a stunning sight with incredible limestone rock formations above and below the water. Crystal clear, still water and magical rock formations create ideal conditions for photographers, making this a popular spot to capture half above/half below photos. Interestingly, Barracuda Lake is both fresh and salt water, which creates a thermocline and halocline at depths of around 45ft that attract scuba divers from all over the world. 

3. Skeleton Wreck

Skeleton Wreck is a 25m long Japanese supply ship that was hit by a US airstrike during WWII. The wreck is now covered in colourful coral and plentiful fish. The highest point sits just 5m below the surface, with the deepest part at 22m. This makes it a great spot for snorkelling, free-diving and scuba diving.

a man treads water in turquoise water surrounded by karst rocks, island hopping in coron

4. Twin Lagoons

A must-see place during an island hopping tour in Coron. The Twin Lagoons are simply magical. Surrounded by magnificent limestone cliffs, these two bright turquoise lagoons are separated by a low point in the rocks. There are two ways t go between the Twin Lagoons – climb a short ladder and go over the rocks, or swim below the arch that’s formed below the surface. It’s an eerily peaceful place if visited first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon when you might be able to experience the Twin Lagoons in solitude.

5. Banul Beach

Banul Beach is a picturesque white sand beach with incredibly bright blue water around it. A few wooden beach huts have been built against the rocks, making this an ideal place to stop for lunch. Lost Tribe Tip: Book your private island hopping tour with Casa Fidelis and they can take you here for a freshly cooked BBQ on the beach!

6. Black Island

Black Island is further away from Coron, but that’s one of the reasons it should be on your bucket list. It costs a little more to get there compared to other destinations around Coron, so spend a whole day there, and maybe consider asking around to find other people who want to visit the island too so that you can share the cost. It’s a picture perfect island with white sand, turquoise water and hardly any visitors. A real hidden gem in Coron!

Learn more about what to expect in Coron town and island hopping tours.

tropical island with wooden beach huts in Coron, Philippines
lady wearing a bikini walks through clear turquoise water in Coron
shipwreck covered in coral underwater in Coron, Philippines
turquoise lagoon surrounded by karst rocks, seen on an island hopping tour in coron

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