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Hotel Rathaus Wein & Design

The Rathaus Wein & Design Hotel in Vienna is a fusion of passions – a love for wine blended with an enthusiasm for hospitality. It’s a concept hotel within a beautiful historic building with classical, unique architectural features and a modern décor. The hotel is one of three from the Fleischhaker family, and the finishing touches throughout truly reflect their love for wine and design.

Rathaus Wein & Design has a number of charming design features, such as the old metal elevator in the centre of the building and a spiral staircase as a beautiful alternative to reach the upper floors. 

Each room is named after a famous Austrian vintner, and is individually designed and furnished to a very high standard. Returning to your room after a long day of sightseeing you’ll find specially selected wines from the vineyard your room is named after, along with an extensive wine list of others that can be brought to the room or enjoyed in the bar downstairs. It’s a wonderful way to settle in for the night.

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“Vienna is for wine lovers” say the team at Wein & Design, and they’re definitely not wrong. With more than 320 wine estates in the city area of Vienna, and many vintners living so close by, it’s no wonder there is an abundance of choice when it comes to fine wine here. The wine bar in the hotel offers an impeccable selection of Viennese wines, each one hand chosen by the Wein & Design team.

The breakfast at Rathaus Wein & Design is an elaborate spread of Austrian specialties, from fresh baked goods to meats and cheese. Fresh smoothies and juices and even kombucha are among a wide selection of hot and cold beverages on offer, ensuring there’s something for every taste. 

A hotel ‘newspaper’ is printed each day with suggested things to do and see, and a short story about the hotel or surrounding area. It’s a nice little gesture which goes down perfectly with a hot cup of coffee as you set up for the busy day ahead.

cheese board on the breakfast buffet at Rathaus Wein & Design Hotel Vienna
coffee and pastries at breakfast at Rathaus Wein & Design Hotel Vienna
breakfast buffet at Rathaus Wein & Design Hotel Vienna