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Hotel Monte Cristo, Paris

Located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, the Hotel Monte Cristo is as stylish and sophisticated as the city it calls home. Aesthetically pleasing in every way, the hotel welcomes guests to be comfortable while taking in the thoughtful detail and design. Asian inspired, the hotel takes you in a journey to far away lands from a bygone era. Eye catching antique vases sit beautifully throughout the hotel; a curated selection of books on every shelf. Patterned wallpaper and drapes encircle your room creating the ideal lighting for calm and deep sleep. These are just a few of the lovely design elements you’ll find at Hotel Monte Cristo.

Hotel Monte Cristo Paris
plants decorate the exterior of Hotel Monte Cristo Paris
typical Parisian buildings seen from the bedroom at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris

Inside Hotel Monte Cristo

The building has a lovely flow to it. Portes-fenêtres open wide to the surprisingly quiet central Paris street below, as natural light illuminates the room while maintaining an intimate environment. Large vibrant plants add life to the rooms and are literally a breath of fresh air and an urban oasis.

The bathrooms are luxurious and elegant. From the construction finish to the towels and robes, every detail has been considered and the result is a truly wonderful experience. There is something unique and special about standing under the invigorating rain shower with windows slightly open to peek out at the Parisian roof tops and architecture.

Restaurant & Bar at Monte Cristo

As you enter the hotel, you’re immediately struck by the details in the design. To the right, a beautiful lobby and a friendly team ready to assist in making the most of your time in Paris. To the left, a cosy restaurant – beautifully decorated with intriguing antiques and conversation pieces that compliment one another perfectly.

In the evening, the lights dim at Club 1802, and the daytime restaurant becomes the perfect place for a night time cocktail. Have a drink at the bar and enjoy a friendly chat with the bartender or a fellow traveller. Feeling a little more reserved? Not a problem. Ease into the plush seating and sample the seemingly endless selection of Rum from around the world. The space is intimate, classy, and very relaxing.

contemporary style bar at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris
detailed breakfast table setting at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris
bottles of spirits in the bar at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris
row of white and blue painted vases at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris

Services & Amenities

• Indoor pool
• Spa
• Bar
• Restaurant
• Free WiFi
• Free breakfast
• Room service
• Flat screen TV
• Balconies
• Family friendly
• Wheelchair accessible

luxury bathing products with hotel brand at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris
red menu beside a succulent on a table in the breakfast room at Hotel Monte Cristo Paris