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Learning to Dive

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Diving In Utila

How To Get PADI Certified In Paradise

It’s an experience unlike any on earth – being immersed in an underwater world. Floating weightlessly, exploring deep below the surface and seeing life in all it’s magnificent forms. It has been said that humanity knows more about the universe than the seas, which in part is why it’s so intriguing. Learning to dive is your new frontier, and a whole new way of seeing the world. If you’re looking for a place to learn how to scuba dive, diving in Utila is a great option. There are several quality schools, exciting dive sites and lots of ocean life to enjoy.

Why You Should Go Diving in Utila

Scuba diving has become popular around the globe, with epic dive sites just about anywhere you would want to find them. Understandably, the warmth of the Caribbean Sea draws many divers to these parts, and the affordability of dive courses here makes it a popular place to learn.

Above the surface, Utila is an off beat island in Honduras, which draws a host of colourful characters from adventurous backpackers to friendly expats and laid back locals. The island is known as a diving hub, and everyday there’s a new set of PADI certified divers out to celebrate their well-earned ticket to the underwater world. With a consistent buzz of diving talk, unbeatable sunsets and epic island nightlife, Utila is the ideal place to spend a week or two whilst learning to dive.

three scuba divers below the surface of the water just off the dock, whilst learning to dive in Utila
scuba diver underwater in Utila
leady wearing a bikini sitting on a wooden dock by the sea, petting a small black and brown dog at sunset

PADI Open Water Certification

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors, PADI, is the world’s most widely recognised training association. A PADI Open Water Diver Certification is your license to scuba diving worldwide. This challenging but very achievable certification is the first and most important as it allows you to learn all the fundamental skills and protocols to keep you safe.

You’ll learn everything you need to know through a series of short videos, a diving manual, and practicing skills in the water. After a brief knowledge test, an in-water fitness evaluation, and an underwater skills test, you’ll be rewarded with an Open Water Diver Qualification that will prepare you for a lifetime of safe and fun diving.

man wearing a wetsuit and scuba tank dives above the reef in Utila
school of silver and yellow fish swim towards coral in Utila
three ladies cleaning scuba diving equipment after diving in Utila
lady sitting on the edge of a dock wearing a tshirt saying 'instructor' as two people swim in the water before her

Why Should you Learn to Scuba Dive?

• You’ll experience more excitement and adventure.
• It’s good for the mind, body and soul.
• Diving takes you to some of the world’s most beautiful places, from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and many more.
• Meet people from all around the world – the diving community is super welcoming, eager to share experiences and exchange stories.
• It’s a lifelong activity and lifestyle – there are so many advanced and specialised courses you can take with PADI to expand your knowledge, skills, and experience as a diver. Learn to dive safely in ship wrecks, at deep depths, and at night, to name a few.
• Your hobby can become your career! Train as a Dive Master or Instructor and make an income doing something you love.

Which School Should you Choose?

The Bay Islands College of Diving in Utila is an excellent choice. All of the instructors ensure you’ve learned the necessary skills you will need to stay safe. By repeatedly practicing what to do in case of an emergency, you’ll gain confidence and be able to remain calm should you encounter difficulty.

Diving instructors help you build confidence, and are well informed about the local dive sites and ecosystems. The more you know about the marine life, the more you will enjoy diving.

If you already have your Open Water Diver Certificate and are looking to expand your skills, Bay Islands College of Diving offer a full range of courses from the Advanced Scuba Diver and Rescue Diver, all the way through to Instructor level.

About the Bay Islands College of Diving in Utila

• Industry leader in research and ecological programs, including the in-depth study of whale sharks.
• Excellent facilities – everything you need onsite, including classrooms, a pool, air compressor and dive boats. The spaces are clean, organized and professional.
• Indoor pool facility allows learners to get oriented with the equipment in a comfortable and safe space.
• Home to the only decompression chamber in the area.
• New, and very well maintained gear and equipment.
• Knowledgeable, experienced and friendly team of instructors.
• Located on the water front, so you practice your new skills in ocean water. 
• Great accommodation packages available.
• Excellent dishes served all day at the onsite restaurant and bar, with drinks specials to wind down at the end of a busy day of diving.

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Featured Host

Utila Lodge Island Dive Resort

Utila is a lively off beat island paradise, where diving is a lifestyle. Although there are several accommodation and diving options, the Bay Islands College of Diving is and Utila Lodge Island Dive Resort are the best on the island. The lodge offers a variety of catering options, from all-inclusive packages to diving and accommodation only.