Casa Capuchinas | Antigua, Guatemala

a cobbled street with colourful buildings, with a large volcano at the end, in Antigua, Guatemala
mins walk to santa catalina arch
mins walk to convento santa clara
mins walk to iglesia de la merced
mins walk to parque central
mins walk to Mercado de Artesanias El Carmen

Casa Capuchinas

Known for it’s impressive volcanic views and quaint cobbled streets, Antigua is a must visit place for anyone visiting Guatemala. Lined with pastel coloured houses, cute public squares and and historical landmarks, Antigua is steeped in rich history and traditions that are still widely held today. The city offers endless exploration of fantastic architectural structures, traditional handicrafts made by local women, and views that set your soul on fire.

under an archway in Antigua, Guatemala,
large yellow archway over a cobbled street in Antigua, with view of a volcano under the arch
cosy terrace with blue walls and white sofas, in the garden at Casa Capuchinas

Antigua Essence

To really get the most of your Antigua experience be sure to choose a bed and breakfast that reflects the gentle nature of the city. Casa Capuchinas does precisely that, offering a comfortable and memorable stay loaded with character and charm. But it’s the hospitality that keeps guests returning time and time again. “It is where I always stay” said one guest, who loves the tranquility of Casa Capuchinas.

Casa Capuchinas is the perfect home away from home. This quaint bed and breakfast in the heart of Antigua surrounds you with local textiles, crafts, and antique furniture to create a truly memorable interior that’s perfect for putting your feet up after a long day of exploring. An open fire place inside your room invites you to cosy up with a good book and bask in the warm light of the flickering fire. If you’re there during rainy season, the pitter patter on the roof only adds to the experience. Shuttered windows open out onto the garden or offer a beautiful mountain view, allowing you to bring the fresh air and scents of the outside into your room.

Friendly Team

As a small bed and breakfast with only a handful of rooms, the friendly team at Casa Capuchinas welcome you each morning with a tasty breakfast served on the garden patio. Choose from local or western style meals that are served with tea or coffee, and a bowl of seasonal fruits.

The garden at Casa Capuchinas is well tended, with bright flowers or all colours blooming all around you, creating a place of tranquility in the heart of the city. Loungers and benches offer a place to unwind and soak up the sun whilst taking in the sounds of the birds and butterflies that hum about the garden throughout the day. Hear the bells chime from the Iglesia de la Merced as the hours roll by with ease.

two wooden lounge chairs in the garden at Casa Capuchinas
large bed with terracotta coloured bedding at Casa Capuchinas in Antigua
large corner fireplace, painted white, in a bedroom at Casa Capuchinas

Top Location

The location of Casa Capuchinas is among the best in Antigua. Only 300 metres from the famous Arco de Santa Catalina and directly across the street from the stunning Convento Capuchinas, it’s difficult to think of a better location. Fantastic restaurants and bars can be found across the city, with some of the best less than a few minutes walk away. 

If you’re looking for a place filled with charm, and close to all of ANtigua’s top attarctions, then look no further than Casa Capuchinas, the quintessential Guatemalan experience in the heart of Antigua.

La Casita de Baclayon | Philippines

wicker tray with a French press coffee maker and tea cups at La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines
guest suites
hectares of tropical forest
minute walk to Baclayon pier
to Tagbilaran City

La Casita de Baclayon

Tucked away on the hill above a small town in Bohol stands the marvel that is La Casita de Baclayon. It’s a lovely family run guesthouse offering the warmest hospitality and home comforts. Rarely will you find a place with such a warm welcome and lasting charm. Designed and built with sustainability in mind, this beautiful guesthouse boasts high ceilings and an open plan concept, with spacious living quarters that really bring the outside in.

lounge area with high ceilings and open walls at La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines
lights hang from a tree inside the courtyard at La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines
open plan living area at La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines

In Harmony with Nature

Made with natural and locally sourced materials, the building blends seamlessly with it’s lush green surroundings capped with cogon thatch roofs and spectacular wooden beams throughout. Two large indoor pools with circulating water keep the house naturally cool, working with the sea breeze to ventilate throughout.

The two guest rooms at La Casita are spacious, light and inviting. The suites are tastefully decorated with local Filipino art pieces, hand woven fabrics and intricate wood carvings. Open bathrooms invite the sea breeze to roll over the bamboo and keep the space cool, whilst sunlight streams in from the outside maintaining the bright and open feel that flows throughout the house.

An abundance of outdoor space invites you to relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the gentle sea breeze that rolls up the hill and cools the house. As the sun dips down into the sea below the forest, the golden hour light floods into La Casita giving a warmth and serene glow. My advice, settle down with a book in the Thai style garden den and listen as the forest comes alive.

plate of fresh mango, pineapple and watermelon, decorated with a tropical flower at La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines

A Memorable Breakfast Experience

Each day begins with a breakfast that is second to none. Served in an open courtyard that is comfortably shaded by trees, guests are invited to choose from a selection of mouth watering dishes. Breakfast is served with homemade bread, a selection of fresh fruits, and delicious local coffee. The dishes are all homemade and are seasoned to perfection, with the baked eggs and potato hash brown leaving a particularly lasting impression.

Baked eggs in tomato sauce with fresh herbs, served for breakfast at La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines

Services & Amenities

• Wonderful hosts
• 2 guest suites
• En-suite bathrooms
• Private balcony overlooking the jungle
• Incredible breakfast
• Homecooked lunch and dinners available
• Sustainably built
• Open air layout bringing the outside in
• Natural ventilation and air cooling systems
• Complimentary shuttle service to town
• Hosts can arrange sustainable tours, and even offer a packed lunch of fabulous homemade food

Sustainability & Community

The owners of La Castia de Baclayon are passionate about sustainability and supporting the local community, running the guesthouse as a not-for-profit enterprise. This passion extends well beyond the guesthouse, so all the tours and activities they recommend are in partnership with local operators that support the environment. The family are also involved in several more environmental and community projects, which you can learn more about on their website.

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Chido Café in Baclayon

Be sure to also stop by Chido Café in Baclayon, which is the family’s latest venture. This brand new café offers incredible ocean views and a delicious menu of fusion cuisine inspired from personal travels. With bright colourful décor and highly photogenic dishes, Chido Café is any Instagrammer’s dream.

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purple sweet pea lemonade at Chido Cafe from the owners of La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines
fish tacos at Chido Cafe, from the owners of La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines
pink wall, cushioned sofa and a large tropical plant inside Chido Cafe, from the owners of La Casita de Baclayon in Bohol, Philippines

Anana Ecological Resort | Thailand

Organic vegetable garden and bamboo yoga shala at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand
smoke-free rooms
unique room types
mins to the beach
mins to the town centre
views of nature

Anana Ecological Resort

Anana Ecological Resort is a breath of fresh air. It has been recognised as a Green Globe Certified Resort, and it’s easy to see why. Every aspect of the design and build pays tribute to the planet’s natural resources, working in harmony with nature to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Designed to use up as little green space as possible, the building occupies only a small piece of land and includes a rooftop garden to replant the greenery covered. This rooftop space offers unbeatable views of Ao Nang and the sea beyond.

Organic vegetable garden and bamboo yoga shala at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand
swimming pool with swim up bar set in lush greenery at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand
rooftop view at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand, overlooking the vegetable farm and lush greenery

Environmentally Friendly

Framed by Krabi’s famous limestone cliffs and luscious greenery, Anana Ecological Resort has been designed and built in harmony with it’s natural surroundings.  The grand outdoor pool is surrounded by greenery and hillside views. The pool is large enough to swim lengths, and the swim up bar is ideal for those who want a mid morning smoothie, an afternoon snack, or even a cheeky cocktail. 

Part of Anana’s sustainable endeavour includes an onsite vegetable garden, which provides fresh vegan farm produce for the hotel restaurant and café. Furthermore, the vegetable garden has been built in such a way that it can be enjoyed as a tranquil retreat. Pathways wind through the vegetables patches, taking you through beautiful bamboo structures that create pockets of shade. One such construct is used as a yoga shala, allowing you to take your practice in the peaceful gardens.

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Thai Spa & Wellness Centre

Good for the mind, body and soul, Anana’s wellness centre offers a range of treatments including a fantastic traditional Thai massage. A rare Himalayan Pink Salt room is the perfect healing space, which generates negative ions and helps to counterbalance the influx of positive ions from all of the electronic devices we have come to use daily. It’s the perfect way to relax and de-stress.

Each day, guests are invited to start the morning with sunrise yoga on the rooftop. Unrivalled views of the surrounding limestone cliffs become breathtaking as the sun rises above them. For those seeking to carry on the zen, afternoon meditation practices take place daily as well.

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pink Himalayan salt room at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand
Massage room at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand
green yoga mat on wooden deck during sunrise yoga on the rooftop at Anana Ecological Resort, Krabi, Thailand

Concept Suites at Anana Ecological Resort

The attention to detail throughout the resort is impeccable. Anana’s concept suites offer a modern and contemporary twist on traditional Thai designs. The Thai Suite is an elegantly decorated room with a Thai style bed and lounge bed. High quality materials add a luxurious feel, and the large windows offer an abundance of natural light.

Environmentally friendly bathing products including bamboo toothbrushes are available for guests, in addition to soaps and shampoos made from natural ingredients and presented in tasteful glass bottles. Drinking water is also served in glass bottles, which are cleaned, refilled and reused to reduce waste.

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Services & Amenities

• Cold drink & refreshing towel on arrival
• Complimentary welcome drinks on the rooftop at sunset
• Large outdoor swimming pool with swim up bar
• Extensive spa facilities including:
– massage treatments
– pink Himalayan salt room
– fitness centre
– sauna & steam room
– yoga & meditation space
• Sunrise yoga on the rooftop
• Organic vegetable garden onsite
• Continental breakfast buffet + unlimited a la carte menu
• Streats restaurant serves local specialities and oven baked pizzas
•  Free shuttle service to Ao Nang Beach (5 minutes) and Anana’s Beach Club (8 minutes)
• Beach Club offers a private beach, restaurant, and massage treatments

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Haramara Retreat | Sayulita, México

Woman floats in the infinity pool at Haramara Retreat
unique individual casitas
private acres
minute drive to airport
days of sunshine year
species of birds

Haramara Retreat

Take off your shoes, you won’t be needing them for a while. Turn off your phone – it’s time to disconnect. Stop, close your eyes, and just listen. Hear the birds singing all around you. Feel the sea breeze against your skin. Breath in the fresh air, and relax.

Open your heart and mind, and let the energy flow. Follow the jungle trails once roamed by jaguars. Wind through the trees down the side of the cliff, hearing the waves crashing louder as you approach the shore. Feel the energy that surrounds and engulfs you as you let go of all your worries and enter a zen like state of mind.

You’re at Haramara Retreat now. Prepare to experience the soul of this sacred area in the form of “mother sea”, the translation of Haramara in the native Huichol language. You’re about to take your body and spirit on a journey, enriching both through a blend of yoga, meditation and connection with the ocean. Enjoy nourishing organic food, and a deep connection with nature and the people around you.

haramara retreat path to the ocean
Haramara Retreat yoga studio
haramara retreat cabana

Wake up at Haramara

Welcome to Haramara Retreat. Rise with the sun, and awaken with the jungle. Welcome the day with a gentle yoga class, overlooking the treetops and feeling the rising warmth of the sun on your skin. Refuel with a nourishing breakfast of fruits, eggs, and homemade treats. You’ll find yourself feeling thankful for the little things in life, embracing the spiritual awakening, and cleansing yourself of any negative thoughts.

Treat yourself to a revitalizing massage down by the beachfront. Look out onto the waves as they gently lap against the shore. The sound of it is sure to relax your mind, as the hands of an experienced therapist work on your muscles. Don’t be surprised if you end up booking massage after massage. The therapists specialize in different treatments, so each experience is different from the last.

Maybe it’s time for a swim? Now to decide between the infinity pool and the revitalizing ocean below. Perhaps you’ll go between the two. Enter a meditative state at Haramara Retreat as your senses soak up the surroundings. Breathe in the fresh air, turn your focus inwards, and breathe out any thoughts of the outside world.

An afternoon of yoga takes you into the sunset, as you watch the ombré sky fuse from saffron hues to mystical violet. Catch the last of the days light as you gather for dinner. A delicious culinary experience of three courses, combined with a chance to engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

Before long you’ll be ready to call it a day, surprised at how tired you feel after so much relaxing. The moonlight gently lights the path. As you wander barefoot back to your cabana, feel the earth beneath your feet. Imagine the big cats and jungle animals taking the same route, winding instinctively through the trees and down the cliff edge.

The elegant hillside cabanas are carefully designed to offer a unique and memorable experience. An open front room allows you to stay in touch with nature, so you can listen to the sounds of the ocean and jungle as you doze off in a luxurious king sized bed. 

Treat your mind, body and spirit. Feel at one with nature, and with yourself. Get used to this new feeling of tranquility, because you’ll feel it not only for the duration of your retreat, but will carry it with you when you leave.

haramara retreat terrace lounge
sunsets on the pacific at haramara retreat
haramara retreat casita bathroom in candlelight
haramara retreat buddha statue on path
haramara retreat swimming pool
haramara retreat infinity pool

Services & Amenities

• Ocean view cabanas
• On site restaurant
• Spa & wellness centre
• Private beach access
• Yoga classes
• Personal retreats
• Group retreats
• On site restaurant
• Infinity pool
• Pool side bar
• Beachfront cocktail bar

Hotel Hacienda Mérida | México

Hotel Hacienda Merida Courtyard
building constructed
spacious rooms & suites
minute walk to town centre
km to paseo montejo
km to merida cathederal
Hotel Hacienda Merida Courtyard
Girl sits next to the swimming pool at Hotel Hacienda Merida
Hotel Hacienda Merida entrance

Hotel Hacienda Mérida

Mérida certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to places to stay. From budget hostels to 5 star hotels, Mérida really delivers with something to suit everyone. One place that stands out among the rest is Hotel Hacienda. Found nestled among trendy shops and eateries, Hotel Hacienda is just a few minutes walk from the main square and popular nightlife mainstays such as La Negrita.

As you enter through rustic wooden doors, the luxurious and impeccably restored hacienda reveals it’s beauty. The entrance foyer leads through to a beautiful courtyard, where a large garden and swimming pool invite you to relax. Traditional hacienda-style archways border the courtyard, painted in bright yellow and terracotta colours that instantly lift your mood.

Step Inside Hacienda Merida

Inside the spacious bedroom suites, high ceilings and traditional décor give a sense of prestige. Shuttered windows look out to the courtyard and flood the room with light, whilst the stone walls and ceiling fan maintain a comfortably cool temperature which comes as a relief from the summer heat.

Head back through the foyer to the hotel’s cosy bar. It’s the perfect setting for a glass of vino or classic cocktail before heading out to explore the city by night.

Hotel Hacienda Merida room
Hotel Hacienda Merida bar
Hotel Hacienda Merida swimming pool

Morning in Mérida

Mornings at the hacienda begin with a delicious poolside breakfast with a selection of traditional cuisine and Western foods. Mexican eggs dishes to yogurt and granola, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Enjoy a mouth watering spread of fresh fruit and hot baked bread, served with locally sourced jam and honey. Shortly after, your dish of choice will arrive. French press coffee and freshly squeezed juice are the perfect compliment. 

Services & Amenities

• Free WiFi
• Outdoor swimming pool
• Spa & Wellness centre
• Free parking
• Air conditioning
• Garden
• Bar

Hotel Hacienda Merida lush green courtyard

Buena Vista Surf Club | Nicaragua

Buena vista surf club maderas
double cabañas
triple cabañas
minute walk to Playa Maderas
minutes to San Juan del Sur village
km from Intl. Airport
Yoga deck at Buena Vista Surf Club
Buena Vista Surf Club Room
Buena vista surf club maderas

Buena Vista Surf Club

High in the hills overlooking Playa Maderas is the incredibly beautiful Buena Vista Surf Club. This spectacular jungle paradise is the perfect place to get away from it all. Disconnect from the constant pings of notifications and emails. You’ll leave the office and work life behind as internet here is sparse and typically limited. This is life the way it used to be. Simple, communal, natural and relaxed.

The day at Buena Vista Surf Club begins with a yoga class on the terrace as the sun rises to the east. A full and replenishing breakfast follows, with local fruits and perfectly prepared main dishes. After breakfast, it’s your call. Read a little, write a little, or make your way to the beach. Surfing is life in these parts and whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a time and tide for everyone.

The Rhythm of Nature 

The Buena Vista Surf Club cabanas are designed with nature at the core. The trees sway gently overhead as the trade winds and howler monkeys make their way through the tree tops. Stay a few nights and you’re sure to make a friendly acquaintance. Life flows here as it always has, and you can’t help but get swept into it. Like the waves that swallow you whole as you’re brought into shore, it’s best to just go with it.

The sunsets at Playa Maderas are special. Wait patiently as the pastel tones splash across the horizon, leaving only traces of light and gratitude in it’s wake. The light is just enough to light the path back uphill.

Buena Vista Surf Club Room balcony
Rugged pacific coast line at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua
Golden sunset at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua

Buena Vista Surf Club

Services & Amenities

• Complimentary breakfast
• ‘Family style’ meals with nourishing home-cooked food
• Self-service bar
• Incredible views over the jungle to the sea
• Surfboard rentals
• Yoga classes
• Surf lessons
• Private cabanas surrounded by trees
• Ceiling fans
• Mosquito nets

Buena Vista Surf Club open air lounge
Buena Vista Surf Club view from cabana
Buena Vista Surf Club deckchairs

Sea Dance Resort | Thailand

pool and beach view at Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui
boutique rooms
types of villa to choose from
beachfront infinity pool
miles to airport

Sea Dance Resort

Listen as the bamboo sways gently in the breeze, as the roaring waves flirt with the shore. Let the white noise of nature carry you away to a peaceful state of mind. Feel the energy of the earth underneath your feet, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and let yourself go. Feel energised, refreshed, alive.
Welcome to Sea Dance Resort.

sustainable cabana built in lush gardens at Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui
lunch with a sea view at Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui
sofa with cushions beside a private pool at Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui

The Story of Sea Dance

“I was standing on the beach looking out to the water and the waves swayed back and forth, it was like the sea was dancing for me” explained Poy, the designer and owner of the property, as he told the story of how Sea Dance Resort came to be. “We wanted to create somewhere that people can really be themselves, to find the rhythm of their own unique beat.” It’s all about letting go and unwinding, finding tranquility in nature, away from the everyday.

Nature is respected here, from the power of the sun and the sea, to the abundance of the local land. “We used as many locally sourced and natural products as possible throughout the resort.” The myriad of hand crafted bamboo structures and roof thatch made from tree leaves reflects the elegance of sustainable design. “The aim was always to blend in with the surroundings, to protect the land and the community, and to be as sustainable as possible.” And you can feel this passion as you walk around the resort, following small winding paths that hug the curves of the earth below, breathing fresh air from the vast variety of plants and trees, and watching the butterflies float by.

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The Experience

There’s no better place to unwind than at Sea Dance Resort. Everything is taken care of here, and your only concern is to relax and enjoy yourself. The rooms are so luxurious, with plush bedding, air conditioning, and big windows that fill the space with natural light. The en suite bathrooms are a real treat, complete with an outdoor shower surrounded by bamboo. The rooms are equipped with everything you could think of, from robes and slippers to beach bags and umbrellas. Some rooms even have a private plunge pool, so you can literally step out of bed and into the water for the ultimate cool down experience. Each room is stand-alone and surrounded by lush greenery, ensuring your have a great sense of privacy and space.

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lady wearing a black dress sits at the edge of a pool beside a cabana in Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui
inside the cabana at Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui
bamboo chairs at the front of the cabana at Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui

Unbeatable Hospitality

An infinity pool overlooks the private beach, complete with swim-up bar offering a great selection of Gins to ease you into the afternoon. The restaurant serves a delicious range of local and Western style dishes, with curries that are not to be missed! Every table offers a sea view, with the option to dine directly on the beachfront. The on-site vegetable garden provides fresh and organic produce to the kitchen, ensuring the meals are prepared with only the finest local ingredients.

The team at Sea Dance go above and beyond, always there to offer a glass of ice water as you sit by the pool, and sometimes even a homemade ice lolly to cool you in the afternoon sun. It’s the thoughtfulness of small gestures that make Sea Dance so special. It’s no wonder they have developed a community of guests that happily return year after year.

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Services & Amenities

• Private villas set in lush tropical gardens
• Villas with private pools
• Beachfront setting with private beach area
• Infinity pool with swim-up bar
• Beach towels and umbrellas in every room
• Sea view restaurant, with option to set tables on the beach
• Onsite organic vegetable garden
• Daily happy hour specials
• Spa & wellness centre
• Yoga studio with a sea view
• Water sport facilities onsite
• 1.6 miles to Samui International Airport

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Grand Mayfull Hotel | Taipei

large chandelier hangs in the foyer of Grand Mayfull Hotel in Taipei
deluxe rooms
themed restaurants
meter length swimming pool
meter high ceiling grand ballroom

Grand Mayfull Hotel

Never have we seen a foyer quite so spectacular as that of The Grand Mayfull Hotel. Large spiral staircases caress pillars of polished white marble, drawing your eyes to the floors above, with an awe-inspiring chandelier taking centre stage at the heart of it all. Adorned with highlights of gold and splashes of rich colour, the entrance hall is an architectural and artistic marvel. This lavish decor and immaculate attention to detail spreads into each and every room of this hotel.

two double beds in a neutral coloured room at Grand Mayfull Hotel, Taipei
foyer of Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei
luxurious marble bathroom at Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei

Suites & Guest Rooms

146 luxurious guest rooms and suites are accompanied by a large rooftop swimming pool, fitness centre, and 5 incredible themed restaurants. The rooms and suites are impeccably designed, showcasing unique artwork and carefully curated furnishings to create an elegant yet homelike feel. Themed rooms are great for families, maintaining all of the elegance of the hotel and incorporating inspiring themes such as ‘Le Petit Prince’, complete with themed notepaper, cushions, and wall art. All rooms are light and spacious, with Executive, Prestige and Elite rooms, and outstanding Premier and Royal suites. The most jaw-dropping of all is the Mayfull Suite, complete with 250 square meters of space, including a bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room, a private sauna and balcony.

Lavish Bathrooms

Every guest room is complete with a state of the art bathroom with marble walls and large mirrors, lit with adjustable lighting to suit the mood. All suites are fully equipped with everything you could possibly need. Relax in style with luxurious bathrobes and slippers, and a box filled with treats from The White Company Noir or Hermes. Add a Dyson hairdryer to the mix and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a night of pampering.


Food is a big part of Taiwanese culture, and the restaurants at Grand Mayfull truly attest to that. Five award-winning restaurants offer everything from sushi to Italian cuisine, each restaurant offering a unique and memorable dining experience with beautiful themed decor and some of Taiwan’s finest foods. Mipon Taiwanese Cuisine stands out among the selection – it’s easy to see why this restaurant has received multiple Michelin awards. The world-class experience doesn’t end there. In addition to the restaurants, there’s also a beautifully designed bakery. Delicious pastries and desserts are delicately prepared, served with freshly roasted coffee. The delightful pastries are perfect for a midday treat, whether you dine in or take them away to enjoy in the riverside park a short stroll away.

red circular table set for dinner in a restaurant at Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei
dinner set decorated with hand painted bird in a restaurant at Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei
Fresh fruit juice at the breakfast buffest at Grand Mayfull Hotel in Taipei

Services & Amenities

• 146 deluxe rooms and suites
• Mountain and riverside views
• 5 award-winning restaurants, including Michelin star restaurant Mipon
• 1 café & bakery
• Lounge bar with live music and daily drinks specials
• Grand ballroom with 7m high ceiling
• 25m heated rooftop pool with in-water loungers and a large screen TV
• Fitness centre with state of the art equipment, with complimentary bottled water & fresh fruit
• Wellness centre with sauna, steam room, hot & cold pools
• Massage treatments available
• Located in the Dazhi district

Silks Place, Tainan | Taiwan

Long green bush leads to the entrance of Silks Place hotel in Tainan
Spacious Rooms
outdoor swimming pool
min walk from main attractions
star cuisine

Silks Place

Welcome to Silks Place, Tainan’s newest five star hotel. This luxurious hotel embodies the spirit of the ancient Silk Road, a trading route that carried goods and ideas between the East and the West. Throughout the hotel, the subtleties of Eastern aesthetics blend seamlessly with modern luxuries of the Western world to create an incredibly elegant design.

front desk at Silks Place Tainan
shelves with collectable books and calligraphy art work on display at Silks Place Tainan
large drum on a wooden stand in the entrance at Silks Place Tainan

History & Heritage

Local culture is incorporated in the most beautiful way, using patterns and designs with historical and cultural significance. Chinese design inspired by the nearby Confucian Temple can be identified throughout the interior, such as the unique calligraphy brush lampshades that take centre stage in the guest rooms. The artwork and artefacts on display have all been carefully selected to bring something special. Local artists and charities are supported through seasonal exhibitions at the hotel, reflecting the hotel values of community empowerment and the importance of retaining Taiwanese history and heritage.

The warming sense of community begins at the door of Silks Place Tainan. Two large Taiwanese ‘welcome drums’ invite you into the grand lobby, while a friendly face offers a comforting cup of sweet tea.

Comfortable & Elegant

Spacious, open-plan rooms offer modern bathrooms complete with everything you need to relax and pamper yourself. Comfortable beds and warm cosy lighting create the perfect sleep environment, whilst a fantastic room service menu brings incredible food to your room, including Regent Taipei’s award-winning beef noodle soup. The rooms are tastefully decorated within a contemporary style that incorporates elements of local art and traditions.

lamp in the shape of a paint brush hangs beside the bed at Silks Place Tainan
three painting brushed on a stand, a decoration in a room at Silks Place Tainan
bedroom and bathroom suite at Silks Place Tainan
table decoration on the breakfast buffet table at Silks Place Tainan
creamy signature cocktail with decorative spices and orange ring, at Silks Place Tainan
Chef prepares food for breakfast at Silks Place Tainan

Dining at Silks Place

Breakfast at Silks Place Tainan offers a choice of two dining rooms, a traditional Taiwanese breakfast or an extensive Western buffet. Both have an impressive selection of beautifully prepared dishes which make for a perfect start to the day. When it comes to lunch and dinner, Silks Place really delivers with a selection of unbeatable dining experiences on offer within the hotel building. Enjoy delectable selection of culinary masterpieces at ROBIN’S Grill and Teppan, or treat yourself to an evening of fine dining at Silks House. If you’re looking for something truly unique and memorable, opt for Le Petit Chef ‘In The Footsteps of Marco Polo’ – an incredible dining experience unlike anything you’ve seen before!The warming sense of community begins at the door of Silks Place Tainan. Two large Taiwanese ‘welcome drums’ invite you into the grand lobby, while a friendly face offer a comforting cup of sweet tea.

Evenings at Silks Place

Come nightfall, head out to the rooftop pool and savour the extensive cocktail menu at Glass House. Each drink is masterfully crafted by the talented team, encapsulating the history and traditions of Taiwan with creative combinations of tea, spirits, and local flavours. Nightly live music performances create a relaxed and fun ambiance, allowing you to enjoy your drinks out by the pool or in the comfort of the cosy bar space inside.

Silks Place is the perfect place to stay in Tainan. With a fantastic location and unbeatable amenities, unparalleled service and award winning design, it really is the ultimate Taiwanese experience.

Services & Amenities

• 255 luxurious rooms & suites
• Rooftop swimming pool
• 5 restaurants & 1 bar
• Taiwanese and Western breakfast buffets
• Fully equipped fitness centre
• Kid’s club
• Library
• Room service
• Robot assistants to deliver goods to your door
• Meeting rooms
• Wedding venue
• Close walking distance to Taiwan’s main attractions

If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan be sure to check out the other fantastic services offered by the Silks Hotel Group, including Regent Taipei and Silks Club in Kaohsiung, as well as luxury shopping centres and fantastic dining experiences.

Ibagari Boutique Hotel | Honduras

Ibagari Boutique Hotel

Ibagari Boutique Hotel

Exceptionally designed, elegant, comfortable and meticulously curated. Ibagari Boutique Hotel caters to those seeking an escape from the mundane. Placed on an idyllic strip of coastline in Roatán’s West End, Ibagari Boutique Hotel is the crown jewel of elegance in Caribbean Honduras.

Taking its name from the Garifuna word meaning life, Ibagari Boutique Hotel blends traditional art work, culture, contemporary design and balanced eclecticism to create an experience that beckons its guests back time and again. It’s an otherworldly utopia.

Ibagari Boutique Hotel bedroom view of gardens and sea
Ibagari Boutique Hotel Swimming Pool
Ibagari Boutique Hotel Jacuzzi

Immersed in Nature

With wild life abound from the lush jungle to the tranquil seaside, life pulsates all around you. You can take in the sights and sounds from the comfort of your private balcony and through wall to wall windows. 

In this breathtaking paradise, the days simply melt away. Between soaking up the sun with a cocktail in hand and rotating between the pool, sea and jacuzzi, there are more than enough ways to unwind at Ibagari Boutique Hotel.

Easy, Island Vibes

With only twenty-four hours in a day, you’ll need to choose where to spend them wisely. That said, the rooms at Ibagari Boutique Hotel are difficult to leave, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Each room is carefully designed with attention paid to the smallest of details. The fabrics, lighting, views and décor create a space in which to relax, gain inspiration, or to simply soak up this beautiful experience known as being alive.

Ibagari Boutique Hotel bathroom
Ibagari Boutique Hotel bedroom suite

Evenings in Paradise

As the sun slowly lowers towards the horizon, it signals the perfect opportunity to grab a glass of champagne and be thankful for another day in paradise.

Separating the rooms from the restaurant and pool is a grand foyer adorned with elegant art pieces drawing inspiration from Roatán’s past, present, and future. Take in the art on the way to the popular restaurant where cocktails flow freely, while laughter and music fill the air. The rich aromas of perfectly seasoned dishes drift across the dining room as guests feast on local favourites and international dishes. An extensive cocktail menu and lively ambiance make Ibagari Boutique Hotel restaurant the perfect hangout both day and night. 

Services & Amenities

• Beachfront with direct beach access
• Free WiFi
• Complimentary breakfast
• Restaurant & bar
• Food & drinks served to wherever you are – in your room, by the pool, or on the beach
• Outdoor swimming pool
• Outdoor jacuzzi
• Loungers & umbrellas by the pool and on the beach
• Complimentary sunset bubbles to celebrate the end of the day and the start of the night
• Scuba dive shop onsite
• Spacious bedroom suites with sea view
• Natural bathing products
• Turndown service
• Airport shuttle