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mins walk to santa catalina arch
mins walk to convento santa clara
mins walk to iglesia de la merced
mins walk to parque central
mins walk to Mercado de Artesanias El Carmen

Casa Capuchinas

Known for it’s impressive volcanic views and quaint cobbled streets, Antigua is a must visit place for anyone visiting Guatemala. Lined with pastel coloured houses, cute public squares and and historical landmarks, Antigua is steeped in rich history and traditions that are still widely held today. The city offers endless exploration of fantastic architectural structures, traditional handicrafts made by local women, and views that set your soul on fire.

under an archway in Antigua, Guatemala,
large yellow archway over a cobbled street in Antigua, with view of a volcano under the arch
cosy terrace with blue walls and white sofas, in the garden at Casa Capuchinas

Antigua Essence

To really get the most of your Antigua experience be sure to choose a bed and breakfast that reflects the gentle nature of the city. Casa Capuchinas does precisely that, offering a comfortable and memorable stay loaded with character and charm. But it’s the hospitality that keeps guests returning time and time again. “It is where I always stay” said one guest, who loves the tranquility of Casa Capuchinas.

Casa Capuchinas is the perfect home away from home. This quaint bed and breakfast in the heart of Antigua surrounds you with local textiles, crafts, and antique furniture to create a truly memorable interior that’s perfect for putting your feet up after a long day of exploring. An open fire place inside your room invites you to cosy up with a good book and bask in the warm light of the flickering fire. If you’re there during rainy season, the pitter patter on the roof only adds to the experience. Shuttered windows open out onto the garden or offer a beautiful mountain view, allowing you to bring the fresh air and scents of the outside into your room.

Friendly Team

As a small bed and breakfast with only a handful of rooms, the friendly team at Casa Capuchinas welcome you each morning with a tasty breakfast served on the garden patio. Choose from local or western style meals that are served with tea or coffee, and a bowl of seasonal fruits.

The garden at Casa Capuchinas is well tended, with bright flowers or all colours blooming all around you, creating a place of tranquility in the heart of the city. Loungers and benches offer a place to unwind and soak up the sun whilst taking in the sounds of the birds and butterflies that hum about the garden throughout the day. Hear the bells chime from the Iglesia de la Merced as the hours roll by with ease.

two wooden lounge chairs in the garden at Casa Capuchinas
large bed with terracotta coloured bedding at Casa Capuchinas in Antigua
large corner fireplace, painted white, in a bedroom at Casa Capuchinas

Top Location

The location of Casa Capuchinas is among the best in Antigua. Only 300 metres from the famous Arco de Santa Catalina and directly across the street from the stunning Convento Capuchinas, it’s difficult to think of a better location. Fantastic restaurants and bars can be found across the city, with some of the best less than a few minutes walk away. 

If you’re looking for a place filled with charm, and close to all of ANtigua’s top attarctions, then look no further than Casa Capuchinas, the quintessential Guatemalan experience in the heart of Antigua.