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double cabañas
triple cabañas
minute walk to Playa Maderas
minutes to San Juan del Sur village
km from Intl. Airport
Yoga deck at Buena Vista Surf Club
Buena Vista Surf Club Room
Buena vista surf club maderas

Buena Vista Surf Club

High in the hills overlooking Playa Maderas is the incredibly beautiful Buena Vista Surf Club. This spectacular jungle paradise is the perfect place to get away from it all. Disconnect from the constant pings of notifications and emails. You’ll leave the office and work life behind as internet here is sparse and typically limited. This is life the way it used to be. Simple, communal, natural and relaxed.

The day at Buena Vista Surf Club begins with a yoga class on the terrace as the sun rises to the east. A full and replenishing breakfast follows, with local fruits and perfectly prepared main dishes. After breakfast, it’s your call. Read a little, write a little, or make your way to the beach. Surfing is life in these parts and whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a time and tide for everyone.

The Rhythm of Nature 

The Buena Vista Surf Club cabanas are designed with nature at the core. The trees sway gently overhead as the trade winds and howler monkeys make their way through the tree tops. Stay a few nights and you’re sure to make a friendly acquaintance. Life flows here as it always has, and you can’t help but get swept into it. Like the waves that swallow you whole as you’re brought into shore, it’s best to just go with it.

The sunsets at Playa Maderas are special. Wait patiently as the pastel tones splash across the horizon, leaving only traces of light and gratitude in it’s wake. The light is just enough to light the path back uphill.

Buena Vista Surf Club Room balcony
Rugged pacific coast line at Playa Maderas, Nicaragua
Golden sunset at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua

Buena Vista Surf Club

Services & Amenities

• Complimentary breakfast
• ‘Family style’ meals with nourishing home-cooked food
• Self-service bar
• Incredible views over the jungle to the sea
• Surfboard rentals
• Yoga classes
• Surf lessons
• Private cabanas surrounded by trees
• Ceiling fans
• Mosquito nets

Buena Vista Surf Club open air lounge
Buena Vista Surf Club view from cabana
Buena Vista Surf Club deckchairs